About Me

Hannah FayeHannah Faye began learning music through the school music program as part of the primary initiative at state schools. She realised her love for music at a young age and progressed through the grades in both the school program as well as private tuition.

Upon completing her secondary education, Hannah followed her love for music into tertiary education. Realising the competitive industry of music, Hannah enrolled in a Double Degree in Music Performance and Business Management. This allowed her to combine her love of music with relevant skills which would assist her in a wide path of music tuition, and gave her the business skills she would require to successfully run a business.

Once completing these degrees, Hannah included further studies in her profile by completing a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education and a Graduate Certificate in Religious Education at the Australian Catholic University. During the time of her studies, Hannah’s skill included her in a wide variety of bands as a Session Musician and performer. Some of these experiences are listed in more detail under ‘Performance’.

The combination of skill and experience still enjoyed today, has led to an array of skills quite unique to stringed instrumental players.

Hannah’s love for music and the ability to communicate this enjoyment to others has seen her teaching in a variety of settings both in Brisbane and wider, Australia.

Currently she is teaching strings in a Private College in Brisbane full time, but her passion for music has seen her continue teaching her private tuition. Up until last year, Hannah taught at a number of schools as a visiting specialist teacher and conductor. Her patient and instructive manner has seen her included in many music camps, where she has been engaged to run specific workshops for string players.

Hannah Faye’s lesson content offers a strong educational foundation as a result of her education degrees. This has broadened her skill to ensure she is catering to the specific needs of her students. Hannah’s teaching abilities impart not only the fundamental techniques needed to play the instrument beautifully, but also her deep love for music to her students in a patient and encouraging atmosphere. She strives to inspire students toward a lifetime of music appreciation and prepare them to play their instrument for either their own personal enjoyment but also, as a career path.