Due to Hannah Faye’s broad and versatile experience with playing stringed instruments, she offers two different types of music lessons.

Traditional Music Lessons

Traditional Music Lessons encompass all that is required to progress with playing your instrument. In these lessons students work to ensure a very solid technical grounding.

This will help safeguard success after years of playing your instrument.

There is the option of working through AMEB Grades, but this is not compulsory – some students wish to sit the exams, while others choose to complete the work and advance.

For any student wishing to pursue their instrument into either Tertiary Study, or Professional Playing, this is the recommended lesson type.

Traditional Music Lessons are offered to players of the following levels:

  • Cello:  Beginner to Advanced
  • Violin: Beginner
  • Viola:  Beginner
  • Double Bass: Beginner

Contemporary Lessons

From her own experience, Hannah believes that there is a vast difference between being able to pick up a piece of music and interpret it as the composer would have liked (such as in playing Classical Music), and playing along with a Rock Band.

While both styles of playing require some level of mastery, to play with any sort of band, who will often not supply you with written music, you need a good understanding of music theory, and an understanding of the place your instrument will take in the group.

In these lessons, you will learn what is required to be able to play with any group which uses chord charts rather than music. 

You will be taught some theory principles and instruction on how to know what to play, because often, it needs to be made up as you go!

This is recommended for students who already have good technical grounding, and are looking to expand their experience into other areas.

It is also recommended for those feeling a little ‘tired’ of learning the typical music for Stringed Instruments.

It may be a choice to pursue for a few months to understand your options once you have mastered this style of playing.